Firing Services


If you make pottery at home (or plan to) and need a place to fire your work send us a message! We offer cone 6 firing, $25 for a half shelf or $40 for a full shelf (includes both a bisque and glaze firing for each of your pieces).

How it Works

Bring your pots to us

When your pieces are ready to be fired, bring them to us. Our firing schedule is based on project volume, and an e-mail will be sent out to all kiln-users prior to firing to get any last minute pieces over to the studio. You can drop off your work during open studio hours (please see the Studio Calendar) or contact us to arrange a drop-off time.

Glazing Rules

Kiln users are required to use commercial cone 6 glazes unless you are experienced with glaze chemistry and mixing and have talked with us first. Users must also ensure all pieces are clean of glaze where they will be sitting on the kiln shelf and provide cookies for your pieces to sit on if you are working with a new glaze. Any significant damage to the kiln shelves as a result of your glaze choices will result in a shelf replacement charge of $65. Any piece deemed unsafe for the kiln or the work of others will not be fired.

Pick up

All renters will be contacted to pick up their pieces when firings are complete. Our studio is small so please plan to pick up your work as soon as possible. All glazing and decorating is to be done at home. No glazes are provided by the studio.


We are a community kiln. Your work is being fired with the work of others, and each person is allowed to fire their own clay and projects that they have worked on from home. We do our very best to make sure all clay and glazes being used meet our requirements, and we ask that you take all these requirements seriously. Using the wrong type of clay or glaze for the firing program can severely damage the kiln and the work of others. Please use our firing services with caution.